Sunday, April 18, 2010


Found out on Friday that I am now insured on the flight school's insurance. Should be able to start doing some more work this week (I hope). Can't wait until this semester is over in a couple weeks, I'll have a lot more time to network, be at the airport, etc. Megan suggested I start washing planes too, which is a good idea.

Also, can't wait until I can fly again, its been a week, which is longer than I'd like :)


  1. You might want to check further on that "open pilot" insurance coverage. It almost certainly covers the school, but not you. I.E. If the airplane is damaged while you're instructing in it, the insurance will fix the airplane. That's protection for the owner, the school. But then the insurance company is likely to come after you personally to recoup the damages (known as subrogation). This is probably the most misunderstood liability problem in the entire CFI business. Don't just accept what the flight school owner tells you. Call the insurance carrier and ask if you personally are protected.

  2. I appreciate the feedback. Let me explain my insurance situation:

    I did not meet the open-CFI clause in the school's insurance (I am legally employed there, i.e. they are me). Thus, the owner had the company review my qualifications and experience and name me specifically on the policy. The way it was explained to me, I am as protected as the FBO itself. You are correct, I do need to be absolutely sure this is true. I also carry my own separate non-owned aircraft hull and liability insurance with CFI liability insurance through AOPA. I am pretty sure that these two together are sufficient. Also, one of the advantages of being young is that I have no real assets worth subrogating :) Thanks for checking with me though, and if something I'm saying doesn't sound right, please call me on it.