Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Winter is almost over...

...and I am getting set up to begin teaching as soon as the skies clear and the days are warm. Last week I bought CFI insurance. I also have a flight review to give to a friend who wants to start flying after a several-year hiatus. Also, Kat is back in town, so we can start training in the next week or two.

And, one of the most exciting random events of my life happened today. I got a call from the manager of the Ashland Airport. He invited me to come and instruct there as much as I want to or can! He is looking to expand his business if he can and plans on advertising, etc., and wants some new energy to help out the airport. I'm not sure how everything will pan out, but I'm very excited.

Also, tomorrow I'm going to visit the National Weather Service office in Charleston, WV, to talk to the forecasters and learn more about how the weather products that I and my students will depend on. I'll provide a complete write-up on that tomorrow.

Things are looking up, so check back in the next few weeks and see what I'll have been up to (hopefully - lots of flying!).

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