Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pulling it all together (and internet conferencing)

Had an interesting morning. I had arranged to connect with a fellow aviator (Dave) from Mansfield, OH this morning. He was asking for volunteers from the pilot's forum I frequent online to participate in a test run of a program he has developed for giving ground instruction online. It was an interesting program, and the format has me thinking - its a good idea. How to get people to pay for it (as opposed to a CD-ROM course or a real instructor in a classroom) is the problem. I hadn't used Skype before, so there were some kinks to work out there, but overall it was a good experience.

In other news:

Last week I ordered some business cards at a printer downtown. They arrived today, so I went to Ashland to spread 'em around. I made copies of all my certificates there, so I can be on the insurance, and made some copies of the Airplane Flight Manual so I can review that specific plane's performance. The new manager there, Brad, is running some ads in the local papers very soon, this coming week, so I'm pretty hopeful there will be some real work there soon, then I can dump the restaurant job, and actually have some interesting stories to write about here, and then maybe some people will read this thing, heh.

In that vein, I'm headed over to Lawrence Co Airport tomorrow morning, even though its raining harder than it has since Noah's flood. I'm going to talk to the owners of the FBO there, who stop in on Saturday mornings. I do have 2 students ready to go in the next week or two - one to work on her private license, the other wants to get back into GA flying after a five-year hiatus. Unfortunately, I owe the PPL student some time, and the other is a good and long-time friend of mine that I don't think I can charge in good conscience. Oh well, its still flight time!

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