Saturday, March 6, 2010

Officially employed in aviation!

I went flying Thursday afternoon. It was the first nice weather of the year, with a beautiful clear sky and temps in the mid-40s. Talked with Russ about flying for the FBO, he said it would be fine, but I should come back Saturday to talk to Dola and get the paperwork filled out. I went out and had fun flying 40G, practicing various stalls, performance maneuvers, and flight at minimum controllable airspeed.

Today I went over around 11 o'clock. Talk with a few people who were in the FBO until Dola finished up with a student. I talked with her. She gave me a packet of papers to fill out, showed me where the operations manual is located, walked me through filling out a time sheet so they know how to pay me, and then went up with her next student. I made copies of all my documents and licenses, and filled out the employment papers. Woohoo!

I'm probably only going to fly there with Kat and any students they ask me to fly with, and I'll concentrate on the Ashland airport for soliciting students and developing that. Still, very exciting. Megan met me there and we sat outside and ate lunch watching planes in the pattern. All in all, a very good day. Too bad I have to go to work at the restaurant now. Gotta save up some money for multienging training later in the spring.

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