Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Practice makes perfect, or just lets me fly badly, consistantly?

Went for a flight today to brush up on the maneuvers for Flight Instructor (CFI). I practiced all of the flight maneuvers from the Commercial Pilot test from the right seat (pilots normally fly from the left seat, so CFIs have to be able to fly from the right). Moving seats isn't a big deal, but it takes some longer than others - I probably have 40 hours in the right seat now, so I can fly just as well from either side. I practices several types of aggrivated stalls (stalling the wing, not the engine, this is a rather normal and safe procedure) including accelerated, cross-controlled, trim, and full power stalls. Also, turns around a point, eights-on-pylons, and a 180 degree accuracy approach and landing as the icing on the cake. I flew well today, much better than when I flew Dec 30th, though my steep turns were just a little sloppy.

The big thing today was that I practiced talking a ficticious student through the maneuvers as well (the flight bag can probably solo the plane now, it was strapped in the pilot seat). This was the hardest part - I wasn't stumbling over my words, but I need to polish up and stream line my explinations. That just comes with practice, I have been spending my evenings making lesson plans (so I don't forget anything on my test or when teaching students), and any alone time walking, driving, etc talking to myself like a crazy person, and maybe I am, well, just a little.

I'll try to start taking pictures at the airport, I need to find my camera!

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